My name is Clive Maurice Pearson.  I was born in Southampton, U.K. in 1934.

I married in 1956, and have three adult children.

With my family, I re-located to South Australia in 1960, where I have since remained, except for two 18-month periods of employment in Melbourne and Singapore.

I am a naturalised citizen of Australia.

I am a retired age pensioner. I have no pecuniary interests in, nor membership of, any social, environmentalist, industrial, commercial or political organisation.

(My professional career was between 1954 and 2004.  Initially, I followed the example of the "Lincolnshire Apprentice", who "well and truly served his Masters for more than 7 years."  He, of course, then became a Poacher, while after four seven-year "apprenticeships", I became self-employed as a scientist, engineer, business manager, consultant and internet service provider.)

After graduating in 1954 with a degree in Special Physics (i.e. Nuclear Physics), I was employed for 7 years as a Defence Electronic Engineer/Senior Defence Engineer by G.E.C. Ltd. in the U.K. and Australia.

I was next employed by the Hawker Siddeley Group for a total of 7 years, as Chief Engineer for Defence and Industrial Projects in South Australia, then as Victorian Branch Manager and Commonwealth Market Development Manager, then for a brief period as Sales Manager for S.A. and WA.  While working as Chief Engineer in South Australia, I developed a very effective system of cost estimation, and of cost and progress control, for cost-plus Defence R&D projects. This enabled Company participation, on cost and on schedule, in the Ikara Project and the Army Manpack Radio Project.

Upon leaving employment with the Hawker Siddeley Group, I applied for and was granted qualification as a Chartered Engneer.  

For the next  7 years, I was employed in the Forest Products Industry, as S.A. Branch Manager for Gibbs Bright & Co. Pty. Ltd., an Australian multi-state manufacturing and distribution Company, headquartered in Melbourne. While in this position, I acted as an Electronics Consultant to their Panelboard factory at Mt. Gambier and to their systems research division in Sydney.  Reporting to the Board, I carried out market studies for proposed new ventures.

For the next 2 years, I worked as a Microcomputer Consultant to Hunting Systems and to the Radio Group of W.R.E.

Next, for 7 years, I was the Manager, then Proprietor, of Tracker Communications Pty. Ltd., an HF/VHF radio communications design and manfacturing company in Adelaide.

For the remainder of my career, I was self-employed with a small support staff in my own proprietary companies.  I designed and manufactured communications equipment for Indonesia, automatic weather stations for Singapore, and computers for the RA.A.F. Air Defence System. I was a Consultant to the R.A.A. for a communications equipment replacement tender assessment. I was a Contract Engineering Consultant to Telstra for 3 years on the Jindalee O.T.H.R. Project.  I established a retail computer business, provided internet services, and opened the first web cafe in South Australia, outside Adelaide.

Since retirement in 2004, I have engaged in a wide range of social, scientific and market research work, pro bono publico. I maintain several internet web-sites, most relevantly http://www.nvicon.org